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    San Diego Ticket Fighter is a law office dedicated to providing low cost, quality legal assistance to California motorists who have received a traffic ticket or have a suspended driver’s license. Attorney Roy’s legal expertise in traffic law comes from years of experience handling thousands of traffic cases. Attorney fees are kept low to ensure that retaining the services of Attorney Roy is a cost effective, sensible course of action. Individual attention and quality representation however, will never be compromised.

    Flat Rate Pricing: $39-$100 Per Ticket

    Suspended License Reinstatement for as low as $800



    I personally answer every call.


    Attorney Reginald Roy is still available for phone consultation and assistance to those who have a traffic ticket.

    If you have a traffic ticket, you are still required to take care of it. Currently, there is no ticket forgiveness program due to the corona virus outbreak.

    If retained, Attorney Roy can make all courtroom appearances for you. If you are having financial difficulty, Attorney Roy can work to have your ticket dismissed, reduced or delayed to a time when you are better able to afford the fine.

    If you have a failure to appear, Attorney Roy can have the courts clear the DMV hold and prevent your license from being suspended or get your license reinstated.

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