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Attorney Reginald Roy Esq.

Attorney Reginald Roy is a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law. Upon graduation from USD School of Law, Attorney Roy was awarded the prestigious Joseph P. Busch Jr. Criminal Justice Award. This award was in addition to the Outstanding Oral Advocate Award he received while engaged in study at USD School of Law.

Since graduating from USD School of Law, Attorney Roy has dedicated himself to defending California motorists in Traffic Court. Attorney Roy has handled literally thousands of traffic cases and has countless wins under his belt. In the process he has acquired a detailed understanding of California’s traffic laws and become one of San Diego’s most knowledgeable attorneys in the field.

“Individual attention and quality representation will not be compromised” 

-Reginald Roy Esq.





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Attorney Reginald Roy is still available at this time for phone consultation and assistance to those who have a traffic ticket.

San Diego Superior Court has cancelled all scheduled hearings until 04/06/20 due to the corona virus outbreak. However, if you have a traffic ticket, court closure does not invalidate or otherwise cancel your ticket. Currently, there is no ticket forgiveness program due to the corona virus outbreak.

If you are having financial difficulty, Attorney Roy can work to have your ticket dismissed, reduced or delayed to a time when you are better able to afford the fine.

If you have a failure to appear, Attorney Roy can have the courts clear the DMV hold and prevent your license from being suspended or get your license reinstated.

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