Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hiring San Diego Ticket Fighter to represent me?

Expertise and convenience. 

Expertise. I have handled literally thousands of traffic tickets and know what works and what doesn’t. Some people have fought tickets by themselves but were surprised and disappointed when the defense they presented failed. Frustrated, they turned to a professional the next time around.

Convenience. I will make all appearances for you. You won’t need to go to court. If you decide to fight your ticket by yourself, you may need to take time off work. Twice. Once for the arraignment and once for the trial. These appearances will likely take several hours each time.

If I hire San Diego Ticket Fighter, will I need to appear in court?

No. I can make all appearances for you and you will never need to go to the courthouse.

What is your fee?

Initial consultation is free. If retained, my fee is $39-$150.

Another attorney will charge me less. Why should I retain San Diego Ticket Fighter?

Other attorneys that charge less typically offer a flat fee service. I price cases differently based on what defenses are realistically available to you and the amount of work I will have to do to mount that defense. I keep caseload light so no matter what your case is, it will get individual treatment and quality representation. This is reflected in my fee. In short, you get what you pay for.

Can you fight photo red light camera tickets?

Yes. I can fight a photo red light camera ticket even if the pictures and video appear to show a violation. On the day of trial an officer will appear as a witness for the People. This officer will present the People’s evidence against you to the court. This will consist of a package containing photographs, video and supporting documents. There are several sources of legal authority that govern the establishment of photo red light camera enforcement and sections of the California Vehicle Code that authorize the prosecution of individuals with photo red light camera evidence. Taken in conjunction with the California Evidence Code, there are many possible defenses to a photo red light camera charge. I will look at all possible defenses and decide what is best based on the evidence before the court.

Can you fight a speed trap?

Absolutely. There are many possible defenses to a speed trap. Speed traps are defined under Vehicle Code Section 40802 in two different ways. The more common of the two exists when the officer uses radar on a roadway with a prima facie speed limit and fails to meet all of the many legal requirements for this type of enforcement. (Such as providing an engineering and traffic survey in court.) These requirements are set out in Vehicle Code 40802, its accompanying sections, and various case law. Should an officer fail to meet all the requirements, a prohibited speed trap can be established and the case can be dismissed.

I am a commercial driver and ineligible for traffic school. What can you do to keep the point off my DMV record?

If you are a commercial driver, the first course of action to protect your DMV record is to try and get the charge dismissed. The likelihood of this occurring depends on what the charge is and available defenses. If dismissal is not possible, I may still be able to negotiate to keep the point off your record.

I drive a cab for a living. What can I do to keep the ticket off my DMV record?

Seeking dismissal of the case is always the first course of action. If this is not possible, it may still be possible to negotiate a different charge in order to keep the point off your DMV record.

Do you guarantee that I will win?

Sorry but no. It is both unethical and unwise for an attorney to guarantee that you will win your case. This is because there can never be certainty about the outcome of any particular case. If an attorney guarantees you that he will win your case, run. He is not being honest with you.

I have been charged with speed over 100 mph. Is this treated differently from other types of violations?

Conviction of speed in excess of 100 mph will result in not one but two points on your DMV record. This will most likely result in a large increase in your insurance premiums. In addition, the court may decide to suspend your license for up to 30 days. If there is a prior conviction for speed over 100 mph, the court may suspend your license for up to 6 months.

What type of cases do you handle?

I will handle any type of traffic infraction. These include speeding, red light (camera or officer issued), stop signs, lane violations, sign violations, discharging cigarette onto a roadway, seatbelt, cell phone, etc. I do not handle parking tickets.



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